Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rapha Base Layer Discount Code!

I received an email from Rapha on Thursday evening with a discount code for Rapha Base Layer products.  Seeing as how I just posted a review of the Rapha Base Layer V-Neck, I figured I'd put this up for everyone.  It's 30% off, which can make the difference for a lot of people, myself included.

When you check out, just enter this promo code, "RBL30".  The offer is only good until December 14th, so get on it!


Merino Base Layers

Merino Base Layers

The original Rapha layer, available in long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless versions.
V-Neck Base Layer

V-Neck Base Layer

Low-cut neck and lighter yarn, ideal for warmer conditions and city riding.
Women's Long Sleeve Base Layer

Women's Base Layer

Long sleeve 100% merino layer shaped for women.Colours: Black, Fig.