Friday, November 9, 2012

In Praise Of The American Spirit!


Corvettes, Audis, Knife Fights, and Why The American Revolutionary War Was No Contest

While I'd like to think that the political fighting is over, we all know better.  I started to say something along the lines of "..... blah blah blah... political fighting over the last 2 years...yada yada yada", and thought better to say 4 years, then realized, no it's been 12, remembered Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton, that's 20 years, thought about Reagan and Carter, rembered the whole civil rights thing, oh and the Civil War, and didn't we pick some fight with the Brits before that?  

Well, I was fumbling around with the blog trying to put together a "Blog List" and came across something that puts the whole "cyclist stabbing" incident into perspective.  While here in Dallas Texas, an altercation with an automobile driver could result in a knife fight, the Brits bravely debate street-side and end with mutual insincere thank you's.  Yes it's an "ALL OUT FIGHT!" between a cyclist and an Audi driver on the other side of the pond.   It's no wonder we won the American Revolutionary War.

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